Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Warm reception at 'The Hall', Lancaster

Not just once but twice today. At 9:45 to a packed Cafe´and then at 12:30 . Both times people went out of their way to thank me for my playing - not of my clarinet but of the studio Grand Piano.

It's worth stopping and asking what is the difference to my reception as a clarinetist in the Market Place, Ulverston.

One or two things are registering as possible reasons and these will be applied to future play - of the clarinet  . One is that with the piano I am listening carefully to what music I am creating and adjusting my playing instantly to what I hear. Therefore what is produced is monitored meticulously. This is not true with the clarinet where I am too preoccupied in the basic problem of playing the notes themselves. I am therefore switching to doing what I do on the piano and making up tunes and listening carefully to what I play and adjusting what I play next to what has just gone before. I am also far more playful and less stressed out this way of playing.

Thanks for all the encouragement to my piano playing - I'll be doing it more often where appropriate!

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